Monday, May 3, 2010

Bordering Photos

A lot of people don't like the look of borders round photographs. I tend to use them and to those folk that don't like them I would say - at least you should know how to do them! Anyway, enough folk have asked me how to do them so here's some chat on the subject.

There are several ways to create a border including several free programs on line. I tend to use one of photoshop's methods and I'll explain that techique here. You can also do this on Elements. Here are the steps for a 15 x 10in pic with border...

1. Open your pic
2. Decide what size you want - I tend to make all my pics 3:2 ratio (i.e. 6 x 4in or 15 x 10in etc)
3. Crop your pic slightly smaller than this e.g. 14 x 9in
4. Ctrl + A to select the remaining pic once you've cropped it
5. Ctrl + C to copy the pic
6. Choose the colour you want the border to be - on the bottom left of your screen there is a white square on top of a back square. The background one is the colour the border will be. Click it to change the colour BEFORE going any further as you can't change it later.
7. Then goto File --> New
8. In the new window that opens put 15 inches width and 10 inches height then click OK
9. Ctrl + V to paste the pic into the canvas
10. Goto Layer --> flatten image then save your pic.

You can also write in the border using the text tool etc.

Hope that helps.

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